Climate Change Comedian
Brian has taken to the Toastmasters Program with great passion and enthusiasm. His skill in giving technical and scientific talks in the area of climate change has been informative and convincing. Brian brings the combination of scientific knowledge and humor to his talks which helps connect the audience to his topic. Brian invites questions and welcomes comments that are in opposition to his ideas of climate change. Keep up the great work Brian.

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Hi, I’m Brian, a climate change educator, communicator, public speaker, writer, lobbyist, organizer, and advocate for solutions. I take climate change very seriously but not myself.

Case in point, check out my 2016 appearance on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0!

You get it!
Climate change is real, dangerous, and threatens to take all the fun out of life. You want to do something about it. You may like to laugh, but the problem is nothing to laugh at.

Does your group?
You are not sure how to inspire your students, peers, congregation, employees, friends or group to take action with to resolve it. They need to get inspired to take action, but they have not had a good laugh lately either.

This is where I step forward with a smile and filled with passion: I help people understand the benefits of going green in a fun, entertaining, and engaging way.

I assist audiences to:
1. Understand the basics of climate science and the threat of climate change.
2. Speak with confidence to your family, co-workers, friends & neighbors about climate change.
3. Learn specific solutions you can do now.
4. Save Money while saving the planet.
5. Discover practical ways to change your world
6. Feel motivation, hope, and inspiration that we will reduce the threat of climate change.

So, What are you getting?

I am skilled public speaker with over 25 years experience providing visitors information working as a park ranger at Crater Lake and Everglades National Parks.

Away from the national parks, I am an active member of South County Toastmasters, Climate Reality Project Leader and Mentor, co-founder of the St. Louis Climate Reality Meet Up Group and the co-founder of the southern Oregon Citizens’ Climate Lobby and the co-leader of the St. Louis Citizens Climate Lobby group.